Responsible Gambling

A Commitment to Our Guests

At Marina Bay Sands, we are committed to creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences every day. That commitment extends to every facet of our resort – right down to the casino floor. We have created a responsible gambling programme that not only assists problem gamblers seeking help, but also teaches our Team Members how to direct guests to help. Marina Bay Sands also supports the various social safeguards established by the Singapore Government, including the entry levy system for Singapore citizens and permanent residents, Self Limit Programme, and casino exclusion orders. For more information on the development of the Marina Bay Sands and Las Vegas Sands Corp. Responsible Gambling Programmes, please visit the Las Vegas Sands Corp. website at www.lasvegassands.com.

Signs of Problem Gambling

Most experts agree that there currently is no reliable way to identify a problem gambler just by looking at them; however, it is important for each patron to know some warning signs. These warning signs include, but are not limited to:

  • gambling longer than planned;
  • losing sleep over gambling;
  • gambling instead of paying bills;
  • feeling depressed or suicidal because of gambling.

If you, or someone you know, experiences these or similar signs related to gambling, please call the Singapore national problem gambling helpline for confidential assistance at 1800-6-668-668 or visit www.ncpg.org.sg for more information.

Brief Problem Gambling Screen

Answer these three easy questions to determine whether you might have a gambling-related problem.

  • During the past 12 months, have you become restless, irritable or anxious when trying to stop/cut down on gambling?
  • During the past 12 months, have you tried to keep your family or friends from knowing how much you gambled?
  • During the past 12 months, did you have such gambling-related financial trouble that you had to get help with living expenses from family, friends or welfare?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you might have a gambling-related problem. For confidential assistance, please call the Singapore national problem gambling helpline at 1800-6-668-668 or www.ncpg.org.sg for more information.

Social Safeguards

The Marina Bay Sands will enforce an entry levy for all Singapore citizens and permanent residents seeking admission to the casino. The entry levy shall be set at S$100 for 24 consecutive hours and S$2,000 for a one-year period.

Some people would like to stop gambling, but have difficulty doing so. The Singapore Government and Marina Bay Sands support a casino exclusion programme that might help. With this programme, exclusion from casinos can take on one of three forms:

  • Self-exclusion – Voluntary exclusion of a gambler from the casino
  • Family-exclusion – Family exclusion of a gambler from the casino
  • Third party-exclusion – Undischarged bankrupts and people receiving financial aid from the Singapore Government are automatically excluded from entering the casinos in Singapore. There is no need to apply for this exclusion
  • Voluntary Visit Limit – Limits visits to the casino per month.
  • Family Visit Limit – Limits the number of times a gambler in his/her family can visit the casino in a calendar month
  • Third Party Visit Limit – Limits visits on individuals who are frequ
  • ent local casino patrons and deemed to be financially vulnerable. There is no need to apply for this visit limit.

Pre-Commitment Programme

To encourage our patrons to play responsibly, Marina Bay Sands has established the Marina Bay Sands Pre-Commitment Programme. The Marina Bay Sands Pre-Commitment Programme, which patrons may utilise free of charge, allows patrons to plan their gambling expenditure by voluntarily setting a limit on their gambling expenditure over a 24-hour period.  Marina Bay Sands hopes to facilitate responsible gambling through the Pre-Commitment Programme by allowing our patrons to plan their gambling expenditure beforehand.

Patrons who wish to enrol into the Pre-Commitment Programme should complete the Pre-Commitment Programme Application Form.  This form is available in all MBS Responsible Gambling brochures available in many locations inside the casino.  Sands Rewards Club Members may also download a copy of the Pre-Commitment Programme Application Form from the Sands Rewards Club website.


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